10. Delphi Meetup Dresden – Review (English)

This is a translation of the „10. Delphi Stammtisch Dresden – Review“ blog post.

Last Thursday, the 01/28/2016, was held the 10th Dresdner Delphi Meetup. The plan was one SkillSprint on FixInsight, one on Enumerators and one on Delphi MVC Framework.
Markus started with a very detailed presentation of the code analysis tool FixInsight. This „short“ SkillSprint lasted an hour. It was a very detailed and exhaustive presentation. I think that all participants have received a very good insight. After the mandatory pizza I gave my „short“ DMVCFramework presention. The DMVCFramework is a powerful framework for web solution in Delphi (REST Services). This presentation also needs more time than planned, because the presentation was also very detailed and exhaustive. The great interest of the participants and the many questions took their time, too. The presentation can be downloaded here. Thanks to Daniele Teti, the lead developer and initiator of the DMVCFramework, letting me use some of his screenshots and text passages in my presentation. After these two presentations, they all agreed that we move the SkillSprint Enumerators to the next Meetup and finish the day at the nearby pub.

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